Sarah Arenella

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Sarah Arenella loves nothing more than singing jazz. Although, the songs she sings are considered standards, her performances are anything but. When she sings it is both nostalgic and sincere. Behind the microphone, these songs belong only to her and are brought to life with a style that is reminiscent and refreshing.  Sarah Arenella adds a unique “sense of ‘Hollywood’ to [any] evening.”  (W. Jackson & Associates,

Sarah Arenella resides in Austin, Texas where you can find her and her band-mates performing at an array of events from the prestigious Ballet Austin’s FETE 10, and the glamorous first annual Performing Arts Programs Incorporated (PAPI) Party, to happy hours at chic restaurants, such as The Belmont.  She is managed by W. Jackson  & Associates, LLC a known beacon of Entertainment Management  and the arts in Austin. You can find music samples, schedules, press photos  and further information about Sarah Arenella here.

Sarah Arenella grew up singing and performing in musicals.  However,  she learned most of what she knows and appreciates about jazz from Arthur Castetter, a retired jazz musician and professor. Throughout the years he taught
Sarah, he often titled her his “most expressive vocalist” and “classiest student”.  In 2009 and early 2010, she spent some time in the event planning industry. She would see jazz acts at events, and was saddened to see a general lack of creativity.  She thought to herself:  ‘I can do this better’.