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Monday, January 23rd, 2012
Have you heard? MOD is featured in GDUSA for our award-winning business cards! Check it out here.
It’s time again for the release of the Austin Business Journal’s Book of Lists and MOD has been ranked the #8 graphic design firm in all of Austin.
Read Texas CEO Magazine lately? Maria’s article, ‘The Return of the Schmooze’ was featured in their recent issue. Read it here.
In Fall 2011, Austin’s newest lifestyle magazine, InFluential Magazine, was launched. We were so excited to assist with the development of their innagural issue and look forward to their continued success in 2012. InFluential is released bi-monthly and the latest issue(s) can be found here.
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Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions is easy when you stick to these 3 rules of marketing (and of life!)

  1. Don’t skimp [on] the small stuff
    If you’ve decided to put money toward something, make sure it’s worthwhile.Purchasing ad space in a publication? Don’t scrounge up just enough for a small spot in an often-unread section; make a splash with a larger ad or better placement. Sending out promotional material, reminder postcards, special occasion cards or any other printed piece to clients? Don’t whip up something on your own; instead, consult a design firm to develop collateral that’s professional, polished and true to your brand.
  2. Don’t be a bore
    Want to maintain a steady stream of visitors to your blog, website or social hubs? Keep things fresh. After a short time, traffic will ebb and eventually stop as the audience continues to see the same stagnant information. This means you’re going to have to find ways to keep your pages current.Some easy first steps… commit to update your Facebook Fan Page once a week, set up an email service like Mailchimp and send out a quarterly newsletter, add a news feed to your website home page… it doesn’t have to be a herculean undertaking, it simply requires a plan and a little effort.Just as you enjoy reading updates from friends, clients will enjoy staying ‘in the know’ of new projects or products you’re working on. The bonus? A continual stream of updates keeps you at top of mind, making them more likely to reach out to you for products & services or recommend your company to others.
  3. Don’t miss a prime opportunity
    We continue to talk about this, because it continues to be extremely important. Connecting with your clients in meaningful ways ALWAYS benefits your company; maintaining their loyalty and encouraging continued referrals.Find little ways to treat your clients, reminding them you consider them friends and appreciate their business. Send cards or gifts on special occasions and holidays. Look for opportunities to pass on unexpected tokens like event tickets and meet up for the occasional coffee break or meal. Spend quality time with them as you have availability and nurture these most important relationships.
We’re not the only ones who have recommendations for a successful 2012, we want to hear your advice too! Send SMB tips, resolutions or simply your favorite time-tested adages to and you could be featured on MODblog!
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