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Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Posted on November 18, 2011 by denise

I went to the shopping/fashion event at Saks for Candlelight Ranch. It was my kind of night because it was everything I love all together: an evening with the girls, shopping and a cocktail or two. If you can do all that and help a great cause, it’s a winning combination.

The Cover Girls were there to model a few looks on the runway…

One of best things about a fun little night out like this, is meeting new people.

William Jackson can pull off a hat. I was thinking modern day Humphrey Bogart. He also happened to be extraordinarily cool to talk with. Check out his latest project Influential Magazine - it’s all about living well. And that’s the goal, baby!

My friend Kathy was there in an official capacity because she works with Auction Source, a company that sets up software for auctions, etc to raise money for various organizations. I was there for the fun the food and the fashion, but more importantly, the friends.


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