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Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Tere Kovacs is an innovator who loves oil paintings and created a way to make it more available to and affordable for everyone.

Art, like fine wine, is the result of study and reflection. It calms the spirit and stimulates the mind. The smell of the natural oils, the texture of the canvas, and the brilliance of the work all come alive with real oil paintings to enhance the experience”
Tere Kovacs: Owner, Ariel Art Galleries

Our Background
Tere’s original degree is in Architecture with a minor in Business Administration. She worked in the corporate world for 15 years, specializing in Global Advertising & Marketing. After deciding that more quality time with her family was essential, she decided to retire from the corporate world and launch Ariel Art Galleries. The decision to form an art gallery came from her original love of art and an opportunity to provide the marketplace with incredibly beautiful art at a fraction of the traditional cost of art.

On the birth of the company, Tere says, “For years I searched for someone to paint a portrait of my child at an affordable price. Great artists wanted a minimum of $15,000 for a portrait. New artists wanted $1000 plus but, not having a defined portfolio, I was afraid of the outcome. As I traveled for my job, I would visit museums in the art capitals of the world–Paris, Great Britain, and Spain, amoung others. I met artists at the museums, art schools, and on the streets of famous cities. After years, I was able to create a network of artists who were fantastic and just needed someone to launch their careers. Now I could feed my desire for incredible art and also share the brilliance of real oil paintings with others.”

Our Work
At Ariel Art Galleries, each custom portrait and painting from our art gallery is given the utmost attention by our professional artists. The techniques used are the same as those used by the original master artists of long ago. They are original paintings, in oil, on canvas. They are not electronic or digital reproductions with simple overlays of paint.

Each brush stroke is painted, from empty canvas to final portrait, by our artists’ hands to recreate your personal, precious masterpiece.

Original Works of Art
Our artists are graduates from art school, extremely talented, and have many years of experience–all this comes together in the creation of original, incredible, works of art. We represent many artists world wide that have a desire to be known and have their works celebrated. We help them by showcasing their works.

Custom Portraits
Portraits can be created from your personal photos. They can be from professional photos or your personal family or photo album.

Our exclusive line of portraits, Ariel Art Gallery Royalty Portraits, resurrects the beauty, luster, and excitement of portrait embellishment. The process is simple. Simply choose a photo with a facial expression and posture you love, choose a style of portrait and let us do the rest!

Gallery Paintings
A gallery painting, an old masters painting—what does this mean? Our gallery selections are real oil reproductions of classical works of art. Most of these can be found in museums around the world. Traditionally, these works could only be owned by a select few due to their extreme price and value.

At Ariel Art Galleries, our philosophy is to provide real oil on canvas reproductions of these valued works, at an affordable price, so everyone has an opportunity to own a classic painting

Prices You Can Afford
With paintings starting under $99 and custom portraits starting under $199—less than the price of a print or most photo studio sessions—we can create your masterpiece to cherish for a lifetime at a price you can afford.

Investment Quality
We also carry investment quality paintings from renowned artists. If you are an artist looking for representation, we would like to talk to you!

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