Three Feet from Gold – Turn Your Obstacles into Opportunities

Monday, February 1st, 2010

By Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid

with The Napoleon Hill Foundation 

I’ve just completed reading, Three Feet from Gold which pays tribute to Napoleon Hill and his book, Think and Grow Rich written during the great depression, but still inspiring many successful people.  Three Feet from Gold is a compilation of inspirational quotes and stories from men and women who found success in a variety of diverse fields. The main character and author, Greg Reid, collects the “counsel” and uses them to assist in his personal journey to be successful.


We’re introduced to Greg Reid, a typical “yuppie”, who like many of us is trying to get ahead in life. He has a struggling business, coupled with relationship and family challenges. Greg is selfish, ill-mannered and trying to keep an appearance of success while his life is headed downward. By mistakenly getting another man’s blazer from a coat check, Reid gets an opportunity to meet a successful businessman who becomes a very important mentor. This is where the meat of the story begins. 

This is more than just a story about Greg.  The focus shifts to Greg’s collection of inspirational quotes and stories regarding success, failure, fear, purpose and passion. Everyone interviewed in the book, including the author faced a lot of obstacles with striving toward their visions. They all shared common traits, which led to their success in life. No one said success came easily. It’s safe to say, everyone wants to be successful, but few are willing to work hard and persevere through the hardships they are sure to encounter. A success equation was applied throughout the book. It combined passion, talent, action and association. This equation can be used by anyone and I’ve already started to apply it in my life. 

I’ve recently traveled to a career crossroad which has resulted in me being more focused on determining the “right” formula to achieve huge success.  There is an abundance of reading material on various “proven” formulas, but Three Feet from Gold contains some of the best secular guidance I’ve read to date.  It makes no difference where we are in life or the nature of our dreams and goals, there’s benefit to be gained from this read.  The profound wisdom, if you truly believe you have something special; don’t give up when facing adversity. Look to the examples of others who have already succeeded while facing adversity and follow their sage advice.  Three Feet from Gold impressed upon me the importance of never giving up because often times, I’m only three free from gold!  After reading the book, you’ll understand the pertinence of being three feet from gold. 

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