My Everything

Friday, January 1st, 2010
Girl, I can’t give you anything
And Girl, I’m no one
But, I know you
And I crave your soul
I’m a simple anyone
With nothing special to gift you
But, my personal love
He took you flying
On a private jet he took you flying
So much superficial joy
Makes you smile in every way
He says you’re his girl
Yes, he’s brought you the world
But, has he touched you
Like I’ve touched you baby
Funny, you already have just about everything you want
All the little things a fancy girl could want
Is it safe to say you know what it’s all about?
Without love, those things are mostly pain?
With me, we are everything
Together, we’ll need no one
I’ll adore you
And let you grow
I want to die in your arms
If I have to die at all
Let me love you baby
Let me be the one your jealous girl friends talk about
Let me be the one to turn your world inside out
I’ll keep you talking about my sockittome lovin’ 
That’s my every thing
I’ll be the sunshine that makes your clouds disappear
I know the right words your sexy ears need to hear
The only one to taste my sockittome lovin’
You’ll have my every thing

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